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Qualitative Methods: Thematic and Discursive Analysis (C)

Starting with the understanding of data analysis, not as ‘the development of an accurate representation of the data, as the positivist approach assumes, but a creative interaction between the conscious/unconscious researcher and the decontextualized data which is assumed to represent reality, or at least, reality as interpreted by the interviewee’ (Scheurich, 1997: 63), this session introduces two common approaches to qualitative data analysis: thematic analysis and discourse analysis. It includes a chance to apply the approaches in practice to get an insight into how intuitive and simple they are at one level, and to contrast them. It could suit those new to qualitative research or those keen to reflect on how they are involved in co-producing their data.

Aimed at

Compulsory for all first year PhD Clinical Sciences students and optional for all other PhD students from The College of Health & Life Sciences

Presented by

Dr Pam Alldred

Key learning outcomes

By the end of the session, learners will be aware of two common approaches to qualitative data analysis: thematic and discourse analysis

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College of Health and Life Sciences