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Reviewing Manuscripts for Journals - Online module (A)

The purpose of this workshop is to explain how the peer review process for articles submitted to scientific journals works, and how reviewers make decisions .  The session may be of use to students who are preparing their own manuscripts for publication.  The process of reviewing manuscripts is useful when reflecting your own research and how you wish it to be communicated.  At the end of this session you understand more about how the review process can help you to write better manuscripts that communicates your research effectively.

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Aimed at

Compulsory for all first year Doctoral Researchers and optional for any other Doctoral Researchers who wish to participate

Presented by

Dr Edwin Routledge

Key learning outcomes

At the end of the module, learners will be informed about:

  • how the review peer review process for articles submitted to scientific journals works.
  • the process of reviewing manuscripts
  • how to write better manuscripts

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