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MATLAB for Excel Data

This workshop aimed to provide hands-on learning of Matlab for excel data.

This session will introduce Matlab software tool and take you through very basic exercises which enable the learners to understand the benefits of software.

This session aims to cover the following areas:

  1. Importing excel files
  2. Processing excel data
  3. Producing various graphs using the excel data
  4. Creating your own Matlab programs to deal with excel files

Aimed at

Any postgraduate research student or academic staff, who wants to use Matlab to process excel data


Basic knowledge in Matlab (e.g.: attendance of previous Matlab course ‘MATLAB: Introduction’)

Key learning outcomes

The learners will be able to:

  • Import excel file into Maltab and able to read data
  • Extract data from the read excel sheets and to process it
  • Use Matlab to produce to various graphs and charts for the excel data
  • Generate Matlab programs to manipulate excel data

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