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Influencing skills: How to influence and persuade (Bite-sized workshop)

Influencing and persuading skills are indispensable in modern organisations. Command and control structures have given way to less hierarchical, cross-team working where you get things done by inspiring and persuading. This highly interactive and practical workshop will enable you to understand and develop your preferred influencing and persuading style so that you can communicate confidently and professionally without undermining your personal integrity.

Aimed at

Research staff, final-stage research students



Key learning outcomes

The greatest impact you can have as a leader is to influence someone.

Using real life insights and practical examples we will:
  • Reflect on the difference between influencing and persuading
  • Identify your preferred influencing style
  • Get to know the 3 things all great influencers do
  • Explore the 10 key interpersonal skills for influencing.

Presented by

JJ Lynch
JJ is the Managing Director of Leading Edge Leadership. He is a highly experienced
trainer, facilitator, coach and motivational speaker. He has worked in the field of
leadership and management for many years specialising in motivational leadership,
people development and organisational change.

Session outline and aims

The workshop is designed to be practical and enjoyable. It is part of our 'bite-sized' series where, in just 90 minutes, you will receive a highly focused workshop covering the essentials of the topic.

Specific skills focused on in this session

Critical thinking, inter and intrapersonal skills, career management skills

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Brunel 3D Development Tool

Develops the following:

Skills needed to disseminate your research

Skills needed to develop your research and career

Researcher Development Framework (RDF) Competencies

Develops skills relevant to the following domains of the RDF:

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