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NVIVO: Advance functions in NVIVO 10 for EXPERIENCED USERS

Take your NVivo skills to the next level. Learn how to enhance your coding, classify your data with demographic attributes to allow comparative analyses, use advance queries, models, and visualisation to conduct in-depth analyses and reporting.

This course is designed for: those who have had introduction to NVivo; those who are using NVivo current and want to use some of the advance features; and those who have collected data and are ready to use NVivo.

Aimed at

Researchers (mid stage, final stage)


This will benefit those who have used NVivo previously; those who have attended the beginners' course; those who are ready with their interview data; those who are ready for the advance skills to analyse and visually present their results.

Key learning outcomes

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:
  • Classify your data (subjects) by their demographic attributes and values.
  • Sort, merge, relocate, organise, rename, and restructure their thematic coding.
  • Use variety of queries - coding, matrix and group queries to ask questions and gather coded references to answer them.
  • Use sets and search folders to filter data to help asking specific research questions.
  • Use advance queries, maps, charts and diagrams to explore and to conduct in-depth analyses and presentation.

Time will be set aside to examine each participant's project and provide suggestions, corrections and efficiency tips.

Presented by

Elizabeth Wiredu, Data Solutions Services

Specific skills focused on in this session

Research and information literacy, critical thinking skills

Health and Safety and general notice

Participants will be viewing presentations projected onto a SMART Board screen. Participants will be required to use a desktop PC or laptop during the workshop. 

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Skills needed to do your research and career

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