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SPSS: The basics

This training will enable the participant to acquire a basic working knowledge of SPSS.

Aimed at

Researchers (early stage, mid stage, final stage), Research staff


​Participants must be able to log in to a Brunel computer​

Key learning outcomes

 By the end of this training, participants will be able to

  1. Understand the purpose and use of SPSS
  2. Open SPSS on the network
  3. Identify variables in different research scenarios
  4. Define variables in SPSS
  5. Enter data in SPSS
  6. Save data & output files
  7. Open existing data and output files
  8. Import data from Excel
  9. Choose appropriate numerical summaries
  10. Choose appropriate graphical summaries
  11. Obtain descriptive statistics in SPSS (using Frequencies & Explore)
  12. Obtain frequency & contingency tables in SPSS (using Frequencies & Crosstabs)
  13. Create charts and graphs in SPSS

Presented by

Dr Christine Pereira, ASK, Brunel University

Specific skills focused on in this session

Research and information literacy

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