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Altmetrics, publishing and research impact

This session details various ways of measuring research impact, through traditional means of publishing and citation as well as through 'altmetrics'.

Today, there are many new modes of scholarly publishing, networking and collaborating. Beyond the more traditional means of scholarly communication, researchers can now reach vast and distant audiences well beyond the borders of their research communities. An overview of some of these new tools for sharing work and connecting with potential collaborators will be provided. In addition, there are now tools that can be used to measure research impact in these non-traditional forms of scholarly communication, also referred to as 'altmetrics'.

Aimed at

Doctoral Researchers



Key learning outcomes

By the end of this session participants will have an understanding of:
  • Ways of measuring impact
  • Complementary methods (social media tools) to improve the impact of your work
  • Newer methods of measuring research impact through the use of 'altmetrics'

Presented by

Shazia Arif, Academic Liaison Librarian, Library Services

Specific skills focused on in this session

Research and information literacy, engagement and impact

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