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Arduino: Introduction

This workshop aims to provide an introduction to using the Arduino microcontroller and the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

The workshop starts by looking at what microcontrollers are and how they can be used in experimental work. It shows how the IDE software can be downloaded and executed to allow simple programs to be written, loaded and run on an Arduino microcontroller. It shows how to interface simple switches and LEDs to an Arduino.

Aimed at

Any postgraduate research student or research staff who wishes to use an Arduino microcontroller to control experiments, but is unfamiliar with them.

Presented by

Prof. Chris Hudson

Key learning outcomes

This workshop aims to allow the user to:

  • Understand how microcontrollers can be used to control experiments
  • Use an Integrated Development Environment to develop and load programs to an Arduino
  • Write simple programs using structured programming techniques
  • Use switches to control the flashing of LEDs connected to the Arduino

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