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Writing an effective literature review

The literature review is instrumental in demonstrate the rationale and justification for your research, but this chapter (or chapters) can be particularly challenging for researchers.

This session will introduce you to the literature review and guide you through understanding its purpose, the various stages of literature review writing and how to approach them, how to organise and structure your review effectively, and how to employ academic writing conventions to highlight and justify your argument.

This is a practical workshop designed to allow you to practice some of the concepts covered, receive feedback on your responses, and ask further questions so you can approach your own literature review with more confidence.

Aimed at

Doctoral researchers

Presented by

Graduate School

Key learning outcomes

By the end of the session, you will understand:

  • The purpose and scope of a literature review
  • How to select, analyse, and synthesise literature
  • The organisation and structure of a literature review
  • How to direct your reader through your argument

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