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MACE PGR Workshop- Dr Hari Babu Nadendla- Metallurgy of Iron, Steel and other high temperature alloys- Friday 29th Sept- 11:00-13:00

This workshop is part of the Study Block Research Methods in Engineering and Materials Science. It is offered to PGR students in MACE, who are expected to book and attend 10 of them or more. Each of these workshops will normally be highly interactive and will address one or more topics. Rather than delivering a traditional and comprehensive lecture (it is not the aim and there would be not enough time) the leading academic will stimulate discussion and critical thinking among students in a number of ways. As a typical example, he or she may challenge you with tricky and thought-provoking questions, for example questions of the type asked in PhD examinations to assess the candidate’s general knowledge of the subject (i.e. besides the specific details of the specific PhD project)

Aimed at

MACE Doctoral Researchers

Presented by

Dr Hari Babu Nadendla

Key learning outcomes

As above

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Brunel 3D Development Tool

Develops the following:

Skills needed to do your research and career

Skills needed to disseminate your research

Skills needed to develop your research and career

Researcher Development Framework (RDF) Competencies

Develops skills relevant to the following domains of the RDF: