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Doctoral Research: Getting Started

Starting a doctorate with good working habits, a sound knowledge of what is expected of you, and a strong support network of peers can ensure the successful completion of your research.

This half-day event aims to highlight the resources and support which might facilitate your journey through your doctorate. It also provides you with an opportunity to meet doctoral researchers and staff from a variety of disciplines across the whole university.

The management of the Brunel Researcher Development Programme is being moved to the new lifelong skills and career development platform Inkpath to enhance your ability to plan and manage your professional development.  

 If you haven't already registered with Inkpath, you can:

You can find more details about this event and book your place on the Inkpath platform.

Aimed at

Doctoral Researchers (early stage 0-6 months or part-time equivalent)


This event is for NEW doctoral researchers who are within the first 6 months (or part-time equivalent) of their research, and have not attended this event previously
This event is organised by Brunel Graduate School and is separate from the College inductions.
Participants are asked to arrive on time and are expected to attend the whole event.
You will need to create an Inkpath account (this is free) and complete the training needs analysis before attending the session.

Key learning outcomes

​By the end of this event, you will be introduced to:

  • The practicalities of doing a doctorate at Brunel
  • The research journey
  • Research data management
  • Researcher development and CPD

Presented by

Graduate School

Session outline and aims

A conference style half-day event, focusing on developing your transferable skills. Sessions include presentations, group work, and discussions.

Specific skills focused on in this session

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Brunel 3D Development Tool

Develops the following:

Skills needed to do your research and career

Skills needed to develop your research and career

Researcher Development Framework (RDF) Competencies

Develops skills relevant to the following domains of the RDF:

This workshop is provided by

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