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Research Integrity Online Course and Self Assessment Exercise

The University has adopted the Universities UK Concordat to support research integrity and is committed to upholding the essential elements of the Concordat in an effective and transparent manner. The Brunel University London Research Integrity Code and Research Integrity online module form part of the University’s commitment to demonstrating good working practices in research. This online module will ensure that researchers understand their professional responsibilities, with a focus on research integrity. It provides practical advice on dealing with the complex issues that can arise while planning, conducting and reporting research.

To obtain evidence of completing the end of course quizzes for each section of the module, please capture and save a screenshot of the final message of completion for each quiz.

Aimed at

All Doctoral Researchers (All Doctoral Researchers registering from 1 October 2014 are required to complete the Research Integrity on-line module and all Doctoral Researchers registered prior to October 2014 are strongly encouraged to complete the module) Early Career Researchers

Presented by

Brunel Graduate School - Online Courses

Key learning outcomes

By the end of this session participants will have an understanding of:
  • The key responsibilities they have as researchers
  • The challenges they could face in meeting those responsibilities
  • The strategies for dealing with pressures and difficult situations

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Specific skills focused on in this session

Research management

Professional conduct

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Brunel 3D Development Tool

Develops the following:

Skills needed to do your research and career

Skills needed to develop your research and career

Researcher Development Framework (RDF) Competencies

Develops skills relevant to the following domains of the RDF:

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